Hiebeler's Research

My research interests are in mathematical modeling and simulation, in particular:

Although I do mostly theoretical work, I hope that through collaborations with others I may apply my research to problems in integrated pest management, conservation biology, epidemiology, gene flow, invasions by exotic species, and general understanding of the life history and population ecology of various organisms.

Below are three artificial landscapes I generated, which I have used for studying various population models. All three landscapes have 30% of the sites black, and 70% white, but with different degrees of clustering. I describe a method for generating these landscapes, and the behavior of locally-dispersing populations on them, in my paper "Populations on Fragmented Landscapes with Spatially Structured Heterogeneities: Landscape Generation and Local Dispersal". You can find more information about the paper over on my publications page.
Random landscape Somewhat clustered landscape Highly clustered landscape

You can find more information about my research activities on my SPEED Lab pages.