Hangzhou photos, June 2002

These are some photos taken in Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, during my trip to China during June 2002.

Other pictures you can see:

A small pond and bridge at Nine Creeks, southwest of the city. There is a waterfall behind the bridge, which you can't see because of the trees. 在久溪烟树。 桥后面有瀑布。 Pond and bridge at Nine Creeks
The view from the top of the hill behind the bridge at Nine Creeks. 在久溪烟树山上。 View from top of hill at Nine Creeks
On top of Nan2 Gao1 Feng1 On top of Nan2 Gao1 Feng1 (Southern High Peak). All of the plants behind me on the terraced hill are tea plants. 在南高峰上面。 我后面都是茶叶。
The view of Hua2 Jia1 Chi2 from my hotel window I really like to stay at this hotel. This is the view of the Hua2 Jia1 Chi2 small lake from my hotel window. 我的宾馆房间窗户外面的华家池。

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