Hiebeler's Chinese Stuff

This page has some Chinese language resources, which I hope may be particularly useful to people learning the language.

Vocabulary files, stories, etc.


"cedicttools" is a set of several Perl scripts and an emacs interface I wrote for checking, merging, sorting, and doing vocabulary lookups from CEDICT-format files. I use these tools under Linux, but Perl and emacs exist under other operating systems as well, so they should work on other systems as well (and if you use cedicttools under another OS, I'd appreciate it if you let me know).

My latest version of these programs is version 1.2.1, released on July 22, 2005. The primary changes made in summer 2005 were to make the emacs code work with more modern versions of emacs (version 21) with MULE ("MUltiLingual Environment"), to make the cedictmerge program much faster (by using hash tables), and the addition of a new script, "cedictnew". I also renamed "cedictlookup.doc" to "cedictlookupdoc.txt" because it really is just a plain text file, not a Microsoft Word file. Note that as far as I know, the cedictlookup code does not currently work with UTF-8 encoded Chinese, sorry. I don't know when I will ever have time to work on that, so if you want to give me a patch to the code to do it, it'd be much appreciated (and acknowledged in the programs).

Update: Jos van Wolput has made an updated version of the tools. In his words: "I modified the script to lookup the new cedict-format vocabulary files containing both traditional and simplified Chinese and tone marks pinyin in UTF8 encoding. It now also converts tone number pinyin to show tone marks (if not present)." His version is available here on his web site.

Here are tar files of the current and previous releases:

You can also send me an e-mail and request to be notified when updates are available. In the seven+ years that I've been releasing this code, spammers have ruined the Internet in many ways. I promise I'm not a spammer. I didn't make a new release of this code for six years, so you won't exactly be drowning in e-mail from me, either. :-) Note that these tools were also included with the Debian Linux distribution at one point. I believe they aren't at the moment, but may be getting added back in.

And here are links to the individual files in the current release (1.2.1):

Someday I hope to finish ccards, a Chinese flash-card Perl script for practicing Chinese vocabulary. But I don't know if/when that will ever happen...