2014 Conférence de Théorie des Nombres

In celebration of the birthdays of Hershy Kisilevsky and Manfred Kolster

Université Laval, Québec
September 27-28, 2014

Conference Organizers: Hugo Chapdelaine, Jean-Marie De Koninck, Antonio Lei, Claude Levesque

Financial Support
The National Science Foundation

History of the conference
In 1998, number theorists at Université Laval and the University of Maine founded the Maine/Québec Conference on Number Theory and Related Topics. Since then it has been held annually on a weekend in early Fall (except 2001, when the conference was cancelled due to the attacks that September). We invite number theorists and mathematicians in related areas from New England, eastern Canada, and beyond to speak about their research and discuss ideas for future work. Each year there is a change in venue: odd years at UMaine, even years at U. Laval.

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